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VIDEO: Is Eva Mendes Pregnant?


Get ready for the best kept secret in Hollywood! OK Magazine is reporting that Eva Mendes is seven months pregnant with you guessed it….her boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s baby! Cue hearts breaking everywhere! Insiders tell the mag she’s been ready for …
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VIDEO: Luis Suarez Banned By FIFA!


FIFA has spoken and it’s time for Luis Suarez to pay up for the now infamous World Cup bite. The Uruguay striker made headlines when he appeared to bite Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match. FIFA has placed …
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VIDEO: Angie Martinez’s Shocking Departure from Hot 97


If you saw Angie Martinez’s Instagram post yesterday, you were probably thinking the same thing we were…#WTFWednesday! “The Voice of New York” dropped the bombshell, announcing that after 15 years with Hot 97, she was out! So where is Angie …
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VIDEO: VIDEO: Selena Gomez Parties With Bieber


Hello desperation station! Selena Gomez just can’t kick her Bieber addiction. TMZ obtained a video of the singer at Bootsy Bellows hanging out with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. The two were there to celebrate a friend?s birthday and …
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VIDEO: Leopoldo López enfrentaría condena de 10 años en prisión


Una jueza en Venezuela ordenó el enjuiciamiento del líder opositor por supuestamente instigar a la violencia.

VIDEO: Jane The Virgin Gets Picked Up!


The CW has announced four new shows set to air this fall, and we’re here to tell you all abuot Jane The Virgin. The show was adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela, and is all about a hard working religious young …
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Miami Heat crush the Chicago Bulls


Yesterday afternoon the Miami Heat hosted the Chicago Bulls game to start the night with a dramatic win. We had kept the lead for the most part of the game. Ever since last year’s Eastern Conference Finals against

Do you think Betzy is Crazy? [Video]

Do you think Betzy is Crazy? [Video]

Warning: She puts the music really loud so put your volume on your speakers a little lower.

Our YouTube Internet Sensation – The Vazquez Sound

Screen Shot 2011-12-15 at 8.51.26 AM

There is always a new phenomenon that takes over the Internets (yes I know, I wrote Internets) and this sibling band s become our Internet sensation.  They are known as the Vazquez Sound.  (I’ve already checked that I’m not related …
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¿Quién se ve más joven?

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 8.28.55 AM